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Reset Merchandiser (Current Employee) says

"It use to be a good company to work for, however, since they reassigned the territories it is utter beddlum. They need to get organized, and at least pretend to care about there employees. Cons: No healthcare, no communication, no anything."

Everything (Former Employee) says

"Honestly this was one of the worst jobs I have ever had. You are told you are going to pick but in reality all you are going to do is get told to do something one day and not to do that same thing the next. They will be so behind but have you only cleaning shelves that can't get much cleaner. The supervisors don't know how to supervise and thats why you never know what in the world you are doing. So if u never want to know what's happening, if you want to be asked to work on your off days, if you want to walk around removing stickers from the ground, ifnyou want to be told you aren't doing a good enough job during a pandemic, and if you want to constantly defend yourself from the supervisors that don't know anything than you should apply. But if you are looking for a stable environment this is not the place for you. Be prepared to be taken advantage of. Honestly steer away from this company. The supervisors don't care about you or what you say. Oh and sick days. Yeah good luck if you run out of p.t.o. because even if you are dying you have to show up, and even if u pass out you won't be able to go home. Cons: Everything"

Customer Service Associate (Former Employee) says

"Management sucks. They do not communicate with you. Everyone quits... in the past month lost half of staff... gotta work fast filling orders.. training sucks. Also no one at the lfc will communicate with you and tell you what to do. This company sucks... don't waste your time Cons: Everything eles, poor management"

Temporary reset (Former Employee) says

"They seem to promote the dumbest, fattest people they can find. They have not paid us in over a month and still expect us to continue to shell out money on gas and food. My manager is a dull guy who is too fat and lazy to offer any guidance and does not seem to care about anything but talking with his buddies about video games."

Set Team Member for Kroger Stores in the Southeast area (Former Employee) says

"Worst place ever!! Bad company!! Bad co-workers!! Bad management!! Managers lie to get you in trouble!! Also lie to make themselves look better! Stay away!! Cons: Everything"

Reset Merchandiser (Former Employee) says

"The worse part about the job is dealing with Kroger employees and their attitudes. The store managers were very mean and nasty and didn’t want us to move stuff around and constantly lied and reported us for no reason. Cons: Kroger employees, no hours"

Set Team Member (Current Employee) says

"This is by far the worst job yet if you work here you will not survive a day. Even if your hired they will tell you that they don’t need you and your replaceable. Management is terrible the ordering process for supplies suck. Cons: Coworkers if your lucky"

Kompass Representative (Former Employee) says

"Most merchandising jobs allow flexibility, but supervisor in Richmond, VA micromanaged all aspects. Previous supervisor said to to clean and remove out of dates, then new supervisor said go as fast as possible, screw cleaning and pulling out of dates. Loved this type of work, but was frustrated when sent to a smaller store with less hours. Supervisor played favorites, if you kissed butt, you got more hours. Cons: Low pay, micromanaged, favoritism"

Marketing Set Team Member (Current Employee) says

"Make PLM your last resort for a job. I am leaving as soon as I find another job. They overlook qualified people for promotions, they hire friends and relatives instead. Not enough people of color in managing positions. Cons: Everything else"

Merchandiser (Former Employee) says

"Pay is low, your job is strictly be Krogers slave, they are going to fire a co worker for a surgery they will be having, no benefits, Kroger required you to help shoppers find product for them, because they had no workers of their own, no mileage pay, no travel time, no overtime, management is awful,( Kenneth Potter, Ken Clifton )expected me to use my phone for their use, they stopped fax services because they said it cost too much money for them and said to use our phones to send in paperwork, pictures, text, phone calls, without no financial reimbursement. I hear they are about to be bought out, that would be great if they cleaned house ( Ken Potter, Ken Clifton ) Houston, TX market, Jody Higganbotham said Ken Potter was something else, he is a young kid with with a big ego, even Ken Clifton agreed, trying to make a name for himself, micro manage everything and said he was not easy to work with and would not last. Cons: Working There"

Set Team Member (Former Employee) says

"The job was cool at first. Then they started throwing in all these mandatory changes. You had to abide by it or het another job. The grocery stores we go to dont even want PL people there... especially during the holidays. If you need a job just to hold you till something else come through.... go with another company. Dont even waste your time with PL Marketing!"

Retail Merchandiser (Former Employee) says

"Pay to little and except to much and very an appreciative"

Kompass Representative (Current Employee) says

"If you enjoy working in an environment that wants you to make water to wine miracles without equivalent pay or assistance to produce these miracles then this is your place. Management enjoys riding your back while you attempt to complete tasks handed down to you that are also unreasonably scheduled. Training is a joke, procedures are not clearly defined, and tasks to be completed are slowed with to many procedural issues. Cons: Antiquated time clock system, micro-managing, low pay for work expected"

Retail (Former Employee) says

"Can’t make decisions locally Figure everything out yourself just a terrible culture pay is poor Treated like a number you are not a person No perks at all no pats on back at all They think you are lucky just to have a job"

Travel Set Team Merchandiser (Former Employee) says

"PLM management does NOT look out for their Set Team members and let Kroger managers talk to the Set Team any way they want. PLM management also lie about, manipulate, and ignore written company policies to suit their bottom line. When I once raised an issue about overtime and written company policies during a team meeting, we were told the company handbook was obsolete. Fast forward someone filed a class action lawsuit against PLM for UNPAID overtime. A fat check is coming soon for those who joined the lawsuit. Cons: A..hole corporate managers, overnight work, minimal pay raises, Excess wear and tear on vehicle"

Merchandising Manager (Current Employee) says

"The job is basically remodeling Kroger stores. You have to deal with angry customers and store employees. All of management is NEVER on the same page, promises are made but never followed through. Advancement within the company is a joke unless you’re willing to wait a minimum of 5 years. The company, managers, team leads and their assistance show favoritism. If you don’t like to travel or party when not working this job isn’t for you."

Reset Crew (Former Employee) says

"Most days with driving were 12 hour days. If you were one of the favorites you had an easy job. If not nothing you did would ever be enough. Full time employees were given company cars and months later rules were changed so that we basically had to make the payments, yet could not give the car back. Part time employees are not part time they are temp so they can get out of paying Benefits. If you can’t find a job go here but keep looking for something better Cons: Management, commute time, Expect to be at work from 6 AM till 5 PM"

Set Team Member (Former Employee) says

"When they were about to start up their reset teams, applicants were promised company cars. After a few months working for them, they started plans to take the cars away. Couple that with working 60 hour weeks and not getting any extra compensation for it, and you have an idea about what you can expect from this "family" company. If your last name doesn't start with an R, you are probably going to get reamed somehow."

Kompass Representative (Former Employee) says

"There is no job security, it takes forever do any bonuses to kick in, the say they have stuff like dental but what you pay out of pocket makes it useless. Good for an in between job - if you can handle the physical strain."

Team Leader (Current Employee) says

"This company has a racist based culture and continues to use racial tactics in it's business practices; disgusting. They promote people based on race and who will do their ugly bidding against other employees."

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